Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Loopy Sickies....

I think I love my kids most when they are sick. There's just something about a vulnerable, fever red face and swollen eyes that just tears at my heart. Plus they don't have the energy or inclination to drive me nuts :)

Tay and Zachie have been trading fevers for the last day or so. In the heat induced confusion, they have spouted off some of the weirdest things to me. For example, last night Tay asked me what I'd do if she had a tail. My answer (besides throwing her in the river at birth of course or having a shaman exorcise the demon spirits out of her) was that I'd sell her to a freak show for $500 and then buy an ipad with the proceeds.

After a long afternoon of lessons I emerged from the dungeon at 5:30 last night to a slightly lucid Zachie yelling at me "Mom, My beaver is gone. My beaver is gone!" Apparently his sister told him that if his fever went down he could go play downstairs with his brother. I didn't explain to Tay why his lisped "beaver" instead of fever was so funny, but my mom and I spent a good ten minutes on the phone laughing our head off while expanding the metaphor :)

And now i'm laying her on my bed with my little sickie while he eats M&M's and watches Toy Story 3. He is forcing his eyes to stay open. I love this boy so so much. He has the most expressive face- I could watch it for hours.

Got to go- he just asked "Momma, will you hold me?"

Only forever beautiful boy.