Tuesday, May 3, 2011

(Holy cow can you believe that hair????)

Guess who is turning 14 tomorrow??????

Yes, that would be my Tay. I sometimes wonder at the fact that Heavenly Father chose me to be this angel's mom. Since her first breath, Tay has been a ray of light in our home. She is brilliant, strong, outgoing, funny and beautiful. She is not afraid to speak her mind or have contrary opinions. Tay has such a tender heart and is so wary of hurting others. She's a great sister and is loved and idolized by her 2 younger brothers . She's not perfect, but she's just about as close as you can get. Happy birthday tomorrow my wonderful girl. I heart you forever and ever.

(I added this picture of Tay and her Abuelo because they had such a special relationship, and just a few weeks ago marked 11 years since he passed away. Tay remembers him so well, even though she was only 3 when he died. She'll always be his "Hollywood Girl". I ADORE this picture, and miss my grandpa so much)

Just Ridiculous


Why are people taking one the greatest accomplishments of American military and intelligence efforts and turning it into a bipartisan battle? Who cares who gets more credit for it? Yes, Bush's administration got the ball rolling. Obama got the job done. One wouldn't be possible without the other, case closed. I am so sick of the negativity and pettiness of bipartisanship. Let's just enjoy the success and be thankful for brave soldiers and the brilliant minds that crafted the rescue. Congrats to Pres. Obama for strong leadership, and closing this chapter of America's fight on terrorism. His speech on Sunday night brought me to tears, and I was so proud of our country and what we can achieve. Shame on those who would take such a great moment in our history and deconstruct it until it means almost nothing.