Thursday, February 11, 2010

So, What I Said Earlier Still Stands, But........

The Husband brought me home Zupas and a dozen chocolate covered strawberries.


I'm pretty sure God always intentede strawberries to be covered in chocolate, but made mankind work for their goodness. May I say a big thank you to the wonderful man or woman (probably french)that listened to the divine inspiration whispered in his or her ear one day when they were cutting up the fruit and asked, "how can I make this fruit better? I'm sick of jam. Shortcake is overrated. What would make strawberries better than they've ever been?".

And thus the chocolate covered strawberry was born.

Now, if only I knew who created the chocolate fountain all of life's mysteries would seem insignificant.

I bet he/she was french too.

Aux gens de la France : Mon nom est Loma et de la part des citoyens du monde je voudrais dire merci pour vos pâtisseries délicieuses et desserts. Mais pas pour votre vin, parce que je ne bois pas.

(A translation for you uneducated masses who do not speak or read perfect french. Of course I did not use a french to english web translator! I wouldn't even know how to google, I mean find, one. Sheesh! Some of us are just gifted linguists:

To the people of France: My name is Loma and on behalf of the citizens of the world I'd like to thank you for your delicious pastries and desserts. But not for your wine, because I don't drink.)
Valentines Day and all things associated with it can kiss my butt.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Health Update, Because I'm Sure You've Been Worried....

Killer Migraine?

Still there.

But I made it through 1 1/2 hours of piano. I cancelled the last hour, which made me so sad. They are two of my best and most talented students. They come from a home of structure, discipline and commitment. Their parents don't throw away money just to say their kids take this lesson and that. Mom and dad actually expect them to practice.

This family is golden.

I actually have several golden families that I teach. I am so blessed.

The King took over my biggest stress of the night, finishing the flag stands for New Beginnings tomorrow. My poor attempt from earlier today just didn't cut the mustard- it wouldn't have held up Kate Moss let alone a poster board YW torch.

They are going to be fantastic.

Did you know spray paint just runs in 20 degrees? Something I learned tonight.

I'm sure I have forgotten a hundred things that I will hit me 10 minutes before NB starts tomorrow night, but I so don't care anymore. My eyes are going to pop out of my head because the blood flow into my brain is stuck right between my eye brows. Yep, right on the newly aquired furrow lines (thank you Man Child).

Earlier I wrote a totally snarky and bitter post that I immediately deleted after posting. I sure hope no one had a chance to read it in the 30 seconds it was online before I came to my senses and remembered my vow of just yesterday to be a better person. If you did, please just chalk it up to the ramblings of a severly mentally compromised person- I haven't been able to connect 2 cohesive thoughts together since the 'graine landed.

Holy frick! I've been typing away for 10 minutes and I can't remember a thing that I've said. I bet none of it makes any sense, but right now I'm not caring so much so I won't go back and edit.

I'm sure tomorrow I'll be very embarassed.

How's Your Afternoon Going?

An itchy little brain twitch that started in last night is working it way to a full blown migraine.

My head feels like it's going to fall out of my butt.

And my students just showed up 10 freaking minutes early!

Just thought you'd want to know.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I Think My Floor Heater Is Haunted....

It's making noises.

Unintentional noises.

So my piano room has a ghost.

I sure hope it likes Jon Schmidt.

Trying to Remember What I've Learned...

For the last two weeks the King and I have had the same conversation over and over. Then my mom and I had it, then dad, and finally my sister joined in as well.

I won't go into details, but I need to commit the resolutions I have come to from all these conversations to my online journal so that I will remember them in the future lest I forget what all the frustration and tears have taught me.

*People are wonderful. Most try to help each other and live according to high moral or ethical standards. They'll give all they have and then more to those who are in need (remember, Thailand, Katrina, and Haiti?) There will always be a few who are content to live in their own little bubble, and never think of anyone besides themselves, but they are few are far between.

*People are flawed, but that only makes them more interesting. How boring would this world be if we were all the same? I need to be more patient and understanding with people, and try to look at situations from their perspective no matter how different it may be from my own. I need to forgive easier and learn to forget the wrongs of the past. I have to stop judging others for what they are or are not doing and remember that we are all just trying our hardest to get through each day with the demands of being parent, daughter/son, provider, friend, serving in church, school and in the community.

*The Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. We are all trying our hardest to live it and serve Him by serving in it. It's not like a business- the people we serve aren't our "customers" or "clients"; too often it appears that way when the reality is that by serving each other we are serving Christ and building His kingdom on the earth.

*Satan is so cunning and wicked. He knows just how to play to our weaknesses and fears. I'm sure he's quite pleased with himself for the dark funk I've been in for the last few weeks. But he didn't take into account my good husband and children, or my supportive parents and siblings. I love these people more than words could possibly ever express. Satan cannot comprehend unconditional love, so he always discounts its power.

*I am so blessed to live in an age of technological wonders. My two newborn nephews who have been in the hospital the last 2 weeks would have succumbed to their illnesses should they have lived even 50 years ago. Instead, their tiny bodies were brought back to health through modern medicine. My uncle, aunt, and TK's 4 year old 2nd cousin are all fighting cancer in its various forms, and have not one treatment but many in their arsenal. My son's vision is slowly dieing every day but at the same time researchers are moving closer and closer to gene therapies that may restore some of his sight someday. Last week we visited a new pediatric Opthamologist, and for the first time since Fox's diagnosis I felt like we had a doctor on our team, one that would work and advocate for Fox. What an enormous blessing.

*I am a lot stronger than I ever thought I could be. Someday I hope to be as strong as my mom, who is the most wonderful woman on the face of the earth. I hope that someday I can have a testimony like my dad's, whose faith could move mountains. I hope I can develop as thick of skin as his as well. Dad rarely lets anyone get to him, and in return rarely judges others. He is an incredible example.

Banned From Primary (Almost)

The Man Child is on week 5 of big kid Primary, and so far he's flunking.

Yesterday he was on his chair for 5 minutes before he began taking off his shoes and socks, then doing back flips off the chair.

I have no idea where he inherited the gymnastic abilities from.

His poor teachers have other rambunctious kids to deal with, but none can compare to my youngest spawn. Yesterday was so awful that I will now be spending each Sunday School hour sitting next him and threatening him with his life if he tries to move.

Sundays rock.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Overheard At.......Uno Attack

Title: This One's For You Steph....

(From the Saturday night entertainment at la casa de Loma's parentals.)

*Why does she have blue boobs?

*When do you think that Testicle Festival will start?

*We had a rebirthing session one night...

*He's trying to punch wind!

*These marshmallows look like afterbirth.

*"I need some ribbon"
response:"You can use my chest hair! But only if you wash it first."

*When you lay it down don't let it stick.

*Between all of the ladies present there are only 5 ovaries!

*I wish my BFF was a monkey

*It's not nice to call your daughter a douche. I'll probably grow up to be an emo because of it.

*She's got a nice, firm hand but it only last a while.

Don't judge us too harshly- you should be so lucky to spend an evening gaming with mi familia. These are the single greatest people in the world.


Why hasn't my son figured out yet that bringing me a hand full of Legos and telling me "fix it" is about the same as handing me an atom and saying "make a tree"???

Overheard At.....Channel 11

Title: If You Tuned Into The Show At This Point You Might Wonder IF It Was Really Kid's Programming

"Milk Lucy from the side not the back, or she might kick you".