Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Health Update, Because I'm Sure You've Been Worried....

Killer Migraine?

Still there.

But I made it through 1 1/2 hours of piano. I cancelled the last hour, which made me so sad. They are two of my best and most talented students. They come from a home of structure, discipline and commitment. Their parents don't throw away money just to say their kids take this lesson and that. Mom and dad actually expect them to practice.

This family is golden.

I actually have several golden families that I teach. I am so blessed.

The King took over my biggest stress of the night, finishing the flag stands for New Beginnings tomorrow. My poor attempt from earlier today just didn't cut the mustard- it wouldn't have held up Kate Moss let alone a poster board YW torch.

They are going to be fantastic.

Did you know spray paint just runs in 20 degrees? Something I learned tonight.

I'm sure I have forgotten a hundred things that I will hit me 10 minutes before NB starts tomorrow night, but I so don't care anymore. My eyes are going to pop out of my head because the blood flow into my brain is stuck right between my eye brows. Yep, right on the newly aquired furrow lines (thank you Man Child).

Earlier I wrote a totally snarky and bitter post that I immediately deleted after posting. I sure hope no one had a chance to read it in the 30 seconds it was online before I came to my senses and remembered my vow of just yesterday to be a better person. If you did, please just chalk it up to the ramblings of a severly mentally compromised person- I haven't been able to connect 2 cohesive thoughts together since the 'graine landed.

Holy frick! I've been typing away for 10 minutes and I can't remember a thing that I've said. I bet none of it makes any sense, but right now I'm not caring so much so I won't go back and edit.

I'm sure tomorrow I'll be very embarassed.

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