Thursday, February 11, 2010

So, What I Said Earlier Still Stands, But........

The Husband brought me home Zupas and a dozen chocolate covered strawberries.


I'm pretty sure God always intentede strawberries to be covered in chocolate, but made mankind work for their goodness. May I say a big thank you to the wonderful man or woman (probably french)that listened to the divine inspiration whispered in his or her ear one day when they were cutting up the fruit and asked, "how can I make this fruit better? I'm sick of jam. Shortcake is overrated. What would make strawberries better than they've ever been?".

And thus the chocolate covered strawberry was born.

Now, if only I knew who created the chocolate fountain all of life's mysteries would seem insignificant.

I bet he/she was french too.

Aux gens de la France : Mon nom est Loma et de la part des citoyens du monde je voudrais dire merci pour vos pâtisseries délicieuses et desserts. Mais pas pour votre vin, parce que je ne bois pas.

(A translation for you uneducated masses who do not speak or read perfect french. Of course I did not use a french to english web translator! I wouldn't even know how to google, I mean find, one. Sheesh! Some of us are just gifted linguists:

To the people of France: My name is Loma and on behalf of the citizens of the world I'd like to thank you for your delicious pastries and desserts. But not for your wine, because I don't drink.)

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