Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Overheard At.......Uno Attack

Title: This One's For You Steph....

(From the Saturday night entertainment at la casa de Loma's parentals.)

*Why does she have blue boobs?

*When do you think that Testicle Festival will start?

*We had a rebirthing session one night...

*He's trying to punch wind!

*These marshmallows look like afterbirth.

*"I need some ribbon"
response:"You can use my chest hair! But only if you wash it first."

*When you lay it down don't let it stick.

*Between all of the ladies present there are only 5 ovaries!

*I wish my BFF was a monkey

*It's not nice to call your daughter a douche. I'll probably grow up to be an emo because of it.

*She's got a nice, firm hand but it only last a while.

Don't judge us too harshly- you should be so lucky to spend an evening gaming with mi familia. These are the single greatest people in the world.


  1. Best night of my life.... EVER!


  2. Now thou must attend family game night every Saturday so each can be better than the last. You haven't experienced anything until you've played Life with my mom and I.

    Love you bunches!