Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm Baaaccccckkkkk!!!!

Where did August go?

Oh right! Disney land and then Girl's Camp. 10 total days of female bonding.

It was AWESOME!!!

Cali with my sis was The Best. If I didn't already heart her forever and ever and fully intend to spend our twilight years together gossiping on the front porch of our rebuilt Victorian home and swearing at the tv, I would for sure after this trip.

I think we both learned just how easily we can entertain ourselves. We'll be in high demand if there's ever an atomic bomb dropped and everyone has to hide out in a bunker for a year until the radiation levels drop.

Of course, Disneyland did offer a bounty of candidates for the greatest game ever created- "Your Team". (Best "Your Team" spots- the 60 year old "daddy" with his 20 something trophy wife and toddlers in tow, and the 400+ pound woman with tattoos visible on every surface of her body but those hidden by a teeny tiny bikini top. You are very welcome for the visual). And we did try to find the most obscure and random sites for photo ops (I'm pretty sure on at least one occasion we might have had the Mickey Mouse security tailing us for trying to take pictures in front of the bathroom door). We bonded with random shuttle bus drivers, ate enormous corn dogs that were worth every cent of the $8 they cost, and got so motion sick I had to lay down on a bench in the middle of Tomorrow Land.

It was excellent!

As soon as Fancy gets me the pix I'll post them. I'm out of time now, but I'll try to get back to the computer later to cover Girls Camp. It's back to "real" life- meaning laundry, dishes, YW, back-to-school, etc.......aka CRAZINESS!

*Post note*
I think The Man Child just said the S word. I'm not sure, because it could also have been "sit", but something tells me it wasn't. I gave up swearing over a year ago, so I'm not sure who/what to blame for his sudden potty mouth, but I guess I'll just ignore it and see if he repeats it (hopefully not in the middle of church. Oh please, not at church!!!)

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