Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm A Bad, Bad Girl Who Needs To Be Punished (Commence Butt Slap)

Don't you love Hairspray. That's my favorite line in the entire movie.

And I feel a strange camaraderie with Miss Turnblad as I have apparently been a very bad girl. So much so, that this morning I about gave The Husband a heart attack when I sent him an IM saying "I've been naughty".

Like all men, his mind went somewhere totally different than what I intended with that statement. I guess they can't help themselves.

What I was referring to was the fact that I woke up at exactly 9:54 am this morning to the sound of my sons playing Mario Brothers on the wii in the basement. There are so many wrong things in that sentence- did you pick them all out? 9:54- on a Friday. Sons (plural) play downstairs. Meaning the 9 year old is not at school. Basement- meaning they knew they were hiding the illicit school truancy from sleeping beauty mom. "I" woke up- meaning when I turned off the alarm at 7:45 I didn't hit snooze or reset it; instead, I assumed I could super humanly wake up from a deep slumber exactly 15 minutes later.

Yep, I stink.

In my own defense, I was up very late last night worrying about a myriad of things. I was fully committed to NOT waking up on time about 3 seconds after I got the call that my 7:30 am piano student was not coming. But I only intended "sleeping in" to mean 7:45, not almost 10! Holy frick woman, could you be any lazier! People ask me all the time how I handle ding am piano lessons every week day. It was hard at first, but then I realized that it was forcing me to wake up at a reasonable hour and if I had no reason to get up I'd sleep all day.

Okay, I realize that getting my kids up and off to school SHOULD be a good enough reason for getting up but I'd just justify it that they are learning to be independent and self-motivated. See how I can swing things my way so easily??? It's an art. I should teach lessons.

So that's why I am naughty today. Well, every day probably but especially and blatantly today. I did get Fox off to school so he can take his spelling test and pass 3rd grade. He was pretty excited to go so I think being at home is not as fun as it sounds when you're stuck in your desk doing fraction worksheets.

Tomorrow I'll be better, I promise.

I might actually proof read and edit before I post.

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