Sunday, May 23, 2010

Look, I Farted! Where?????? In There!!!!

Apparently somewhere along the line Man Child decided that you can see a fart.

That's why he sitting on the toilet mad as h%## right now that we won't let him off because he hasn't produced a #2 yet.

He claims he farted. He made his father come look in the bowl to verify said toot.

Either it is invisible or our son has inadvertently equated fart with poop.
I see lots of dirty underwear in his future.
And embarassing accidents at school.

Fortunately I've almost decided not to send him to preschool this year. 100% potty trained is mandatory for admittance and I have a feeling we'll be fighting this potty battle for months to come. He'll have it by 4 right??? And in another year he might be able to sit still for 10 minutes at a time and actually pay attention to the teacher.

Yep, we're definitely waiting. The battle of 3 hour church has taught me both his and my limits. Zach can't get excommunicated from church but I know he can get expelled from preschool. And I can't have a preschool flunkie on my conscience.


  1. I don't know if farts can be seen, but I've sure smelled some that made my eyes water!! haha
    Btw, I totally agree with you about the BYU-Unga thing!! I really respect them for sticking to their guns, especially knowing the cost it will have for their team!! That said...GO UTES!!

  2. I know it hurts to give props to the powers that be in Happy Valley, but I feel like we both really grew as people by admitting that :) Now I must return to loathing them!

    Boys are a daily exercise in disgusting behavior. Please tell me they grow out of it someday!!!