Friday, October 1, 2010


That last post was kind of, sort of, okay well a lot snarky. I blame it on two things:

1) Since my "special surgery" I've been hitting the strength training pretty hard (the doc put the fear of muscle and bone loss pretty hard into my brain) and all that extra testosterone is making me a bit.....hostile? I think that's the word I want to use.

2) The football season will finally be over tomorrow so that I won't have to attend any more games looking like frumpy mom compared to the herd of glamed up rock star moms that attend. I show up looking like I could sub in for one of the kids should they go down; the other moms look like they are heading off to a movie screening at Sundance. And that's fine- to each their own I say. But it makes me feel a little better in my dark, wicked heart to mock them silently while I sit petulantly downing my 10th Diet Coke of the day.

Still love me even though I'm terrible??


  1. I love your blog posts! They are exactly what I think, but am not brave enough to say. They always make me smile...

  2. Shut up!! Don't apologize for speaking truth!! Love you!!