Thursday, December 16, 2010

Working the System

Anyone know of any jobs that require constant travel to foreign countries??

Disclaimer: I'm in the US so by foreign I do not mean Canada or Mexico. I'm talking at least a 12 hour flight here.

Because I'm not going to lie to you here, I'm having a major fit of unrighteous jealousy this week. The King just got back from New York, and could not say enough about how much he loved the city. Before that he was in DC and spent two days "working" (cough, cough) a convention but mostly touring all the national monuments. Now, while these trips do sound fun, if I were in his place I'd finagle my way into visiting London, Paris, Vienna and Rome. I want to travel to these places so badly I can taste it. Hence my opening quandary. I need to find a job that needs me to travel to wonderful places where I can tour to my hearts delight. That kind of position has to exist somewhere, right???

Get on that for me please.

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