Friday, January 6, 2012

When Cousins Date Cousins....

Taylor and I we perusing Awkward Family the other day and it hit me that I couldn't come up with the single most awkward moment of my life. it's bothered me since then, as I love uncomfortable situations like a dog loves fleas and feeling such you'd think I'd have a treasure trove of them stored up. It finally came to me today while I was getting ready and trying to make my face look ten years younger than it is. The time my cousin asked me out. To be fair, he was at least a third cousin but a cousin still. We were sitting in Sunday School when the horrible words were spoken "so, we should go to a dance together". How do you answer your cousin's proposal with any kind of decorum or democracy?? Say "wow, I'm flattered but no thanks", or "sorry, I have plans that night"???? I was too shocked to be kind. I just hurridly spewed out "that would be weird cause you are my cousin" while trying to hold in the vomit at the back of my mouth. He tried to recover by questioning the validly of my claims to familial ties, but let's be honest here. We lived in a small town where everyone came from one of 4 families. Our ties re so close it would probably be considered incest on multiple levels. We didn't take much after that. Awkward.


  1. OK, well, I had to comment on this one. In my family we welcome cousin dating. In fact, we promote it. All hail in breeding!

  2. Ah Heidi, I will never forget your inbreeding story. It is one in a million, and it still makes me giggle when I think about it (I'm giggling now I promise).
    Only in Utah right.......or Arkansas.

  3. Btw Heidi, here's a giggle worthy thought in return:

    They put Melinda and I in Nursery together.

    Needless to say there has been an increas in Diet Coke sightings on Sunday in and around the nursery. We should have enough class to hide them but at least we haven't given any to the kids.....yet :)

  4. WOW! Nursery huh? In all honestly, I bet you guys are great, but I wouldn't have pictured either of you there. Hope things are going well for you guys!