Sunday, March 31, 2013

Don't They Worry About Slivers????

Just a random thought.....

Who decided it was perfect staging to have a couple just up on a table/desk/other flat, hard surface and just go at it? I was just watching Smash and in the closing scene the couple that's been dancing around the "will the or wont they" question for waaaay too many episodes (thankfully not as many as the Ross/Rachel tango) finally seem to be there, then can't actually commit. I was actually emotionally involved enough to want to scream at the dumb guy to open his mouth and quit being such a wuss. Then as soon as all hope is lost, the guy bursts in a kisses the girl and my heart melted and then he threw her on the cluttered kitchen table and.....wait, what??? You mean to tell me that you've expended all this time, effort and emotion in "the chase" and your best move is chucking her on to the closest horizontal surface???? And shame on you, girl who I can't remember your name, for being okay with that (at least I assume she was- I turned it off at that point). Please television writers, we are not mindless robots that don't notice when you pull the same shtick out of the bag that was seen on Days of Our Lives earlier in the afternoon. You should probably assume that at least half of your (very few) viewers have moderate intelligence.

Rant over. I'll go to bed now.

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