Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My New Love

Never, ever in a million years would I have thought that I'd discover a love for baking. But low and behold, it has happened. I am having so much fun making my own cupcake recipes. At first I just used doctored cake mixes, which are just fine, but over the last few months I've branched out to my own from-scratch cakes. I now have good cake bases for about 6 or 7 basic flavors. To those I add all kinds of different frosting, fruit and ganache flavors. Friday night ha become cupcake invention night at our house. During the week I google and investigate different recipes and ideas,then decided on two or three flavors to try. This last weekend was orange creamsicle, rolo, and Carmel apple crisp. Over the last few months I've made banana foster, Andes mint, root beer float, chocolate covered raspberry, Almond joy, cinnamon streusel, Samoa cookie, peanut butter cup, carrot cake, Bacci and more. I've even ventured into tarts and eclairs. I look forward to baking Friday all week, and especially taking goodie boxes to friends and neighbors. Who knew baking was so much fun!!!!!


  1. Man, do I wish I was your neighbor again right now. And I never would have pegged you for the baking type. Remember when we were planning girls camp and we were so relieved because Melinda liked cooking?

    1. Lol, yes I do! Bless her dear, talented heart. I still hate cooking, but I like making desserts cause they're yummy and don't involve touching raw meat ;)