Friday, August 20, 2010

Kicking the Dog When It's Down....

So you know how I had my lady parts ripped out 3 weeks ago? Oh, and remember how I'm now really anemic as Lady Dr. clamped off my artery too hard and internal bleeding ensued?

Yeah, well, yesterday my tooth broke. So today I got to spend 4 hours at the dentist getting a root canal and a crown. The dentist was awesome as was his staff (hilarious actually. I laughed the whole time, and I didn't even have any laughing gas), and I could tell he/they really felt bad about putting me through that ordeal so soon after surgery. They handled me with some serious TLC, and have now completely changed my opinions of dental offices (meaning they are no longer the opening to the underworld). They offered me serious pain meds to get through the weekend, but I learned a long time ago that Lortab, Percocet and Morphine are not Loma's BFF's. Motrin will have to do.

I think TQ knew I was just about on the brink of a physical/mental/emotional break down after this last kick in the you-know-where. I walked in the house to a sparkling clean kitchen, a cleaned and organized playroom in the basement, and all the laundry folded. She is truly an angel. For her reward, I got her a Diet Coke from McDonalds and her Itouch was paroled to her a week early.

If your going to have crisis after crisis, I recommend getting a teenage daughter first. You can't have mine though.


  1. I would totally take your daughter any day, but since she isn't for sale, I will have to make due...

    Sorry about your miserable little tooth problem. I have had numerous root canals (since my two front teeth are fake) and they are NOT fun! Glad you had a good dental staff.

  2. Gracias! I hope you get a break from the dental stuff for a while. At least we'll be hot babes with gorgeous teeth after all this, right???

  3. that's so sweet of TQ! Sorry to hear about the anemic crap...that sounds awful.

  4. I LOVE TQ and I love you!! Hope you get feeling better and btw....Please write a book!! I'd buy it and even shamelessly sale it door to door for you!! xoxo