Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Holy crap where did the summer go? Between football and girls camp and youth conference, oh and getting released as YW pres. after 3 YEARS last week, I have no recollection of doing anything "summery". We haven't taken a family vacation in over 2 years because we suck as parents, but I think we're going to be forgiven because in march we're taking Tay and Noah to Italy!!!! Hallelujah, the last 5 years of hoarding frequent flyer miles has finally paid off. Those miles made every week-long business trip worth it. We are spending 6 days in Florence and 6 in Rome, and plan on using these cities as a base for visiting all the other cities and sites. The kids' passports came in the mail last week and we have our apartments set up in both cities. March can't come soon enough!!!

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