Tuesday, September 8, 2009

By 11 O'clock this morning the Man Child had:

*disrobed himself

*dumped sugar all over the kitchen floor

*ripped a Berenstein Bears books to shreds and threw the pieces off the 3rd floor walkway onto the living room floor below

*rubbed gum into the carpet in my bedroom

*dumped out every book and toy in his room

By 11:05 I was ready to ship him off to the jungle.

But 5 minutes ago he fell asleep while watching "Cyber Chase" on my bed.

I love to watch him sleep. Only then is the Man Child is still long enough that I can see the shadow of the tiny baby Heavenly Father blessed me with almost 3 years ago. He was beautiful and perfect and sweet. That baby boy is still there; it's just now he's encased in a 40 pound- future linebacker & mass of pure willpower and stubbornness- package.

I have a 100 things I should be doing right now as I have an unexpected free afternoon, but instead I think I'll sit here and watch him a while longer.

What a beautiful boy.

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  1. I love to watch my kids sleep too, helps me regroup and remember what all this madness is about and that it goes by so fast in the scope of things