Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Total Male Domination

Just seconds ago The King told Fox-who was sniffing around my dinner plate begging for scraps of rice and beans- that it was time to get in the shower.

Fox immediately started groaning and when I pre-empted the whine fest, he tried to explain himself by uttering the 7 greatest words to ever come out of his mouth.

But I thought you were the boss.

I Have Established Total control.

Can I hear an Amen and a Hallelujiah?

Post script- To be read in the voice of Will Arnet
Of course, the Man Child just destroyed the entire roll of duct tape that I use to keep his diapers on him during nap time in what could only be a sign of rebellion against the dictatorship know as Mom and Dad, but if I've conquered Fox that means I can now exert all my energy into that little monster. You should have tried to ally with your brother MC. Now you stand alone. (See why I picked Will's voice? It's epic)

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