Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Not 30 seconds after The King went up to the boys room to turn off the light, I heard his soft whisper calling my name, imploring:

You have to come see this....

The first thought that went through my head?

"Oh crap, what have they destroyed now!!!"

As you can imagine I was less that surprised, due to my uncanny motherly clairvoyance, to find immediately upon entering their room the inevitable mess, but no Man Child in sight. What was disturbing, in light of the Titanic grade disaster, was the look on The King's face- it was almost endearing.

Something was very off with this crime scene.

Where's MC? I asked.

The lower bunk was empty, his bedding torn from the mattress and scattered all over the floor with a collection of Lego's, books and cars.

The King pointed to the upper bunk, but all I could see was Fox's peaceful sleeping form.

Look closer- look underneath his head he answered

I climbed on the nearby desk and from the higher elevation was immediately able to see the why my hubby was standing in the middle of a tornado of a mess with a look on his face like he'd just seen an angel.

They boys had fallen asleep together on Fox's bunk, where he reads MC a story every night. They fell asleep snuggling, with Fox's head still resting on the side of MC's chubby little belly.

A few months ago a miracle happened. The Man Child discovered that his big brother is the coolest person on earth. Subsequently, Fox discovered just how great it is to have someone adulate and idolize you. Every day when we drop Fox off at school, MC begs for hugs and kisses from Fox before he can leave the truck. He calls out the window, "bye Fox, bye Fox, bye Fox" as many times as it takes for his big brother to turn back around and give him a big wave and a "bye buddy, I'll see you after school". From that moment until exactly 3:00 when we pull out of the garage, MC asks if we can "go get Fox now". The is no smile bigger on his face all day than that given to his brother when he runs across the school parking lot at 3:25.

They are best friends.

Thank you Man Child, for making Fox your hero and thank you Fox, for being a big brother who is worthy of being emulated.

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  1. That post just about made me cry. How sweet! They are the sweetest brothers. You give me hope for my boys! Remember that your sweet boys also have amazing parents who are raising them right! I love the pics of them sleeping. really one of the sweetest things i've ever seen. Thanks for posting pics. In your previous post too! I love pictures!