Monday, December 7, 2009

Anyone Remember Three Men and a Baby??

Boy in the corner behind the curtains: Urban legend or "bring your kid to work then misplace them" day on the set?

I have to admit, when I was a wee tween and the mysterious "ghost boy" was pointed out to me I freaked out a little. They had to notice the boy when shooting- he was SO obvious. There was no reasonable explanation for how the director, producers, camera men, lighting dudes, food service people, editors, and screeners missed the blatantly out-of-place extra in the scene.

He had to be a phantom. A phantom that haunted Tom Selleck. Because he hated his mustache.

At least I thought so until today, over 20 years since the 3M&AB ghost first encited an entire week worth of night terrors (yes, I'm a bit of a wuss. Watcher in the Woods is still the scariest movie I've ever seen).

Today, we downloaded our pictures from Thanksgiving at The Grand America. The King really wanted to take some pictures of the kids and I in their beautiful hallway. The boys wouldn't cooperate but TQ and I were totally up for an impromptu photo shoot. Upon viewing the results, I realised that we had NO IDEA where The Man CHild was for the 10 minutes we were posing, and that I should feel really blessed that he entertained himself hiding in the 15' Parisian curtains that are worth more than my car rather than running up and down the hall screaming like the exorcist.

A new urban legend is born.


  1. Okay, I actually started thinking about the 3M&AB ghost boy a few weeks ago. I was totally freaked out by it, too. Where I grew up, we were told something about him committing suicide and his ghost figure showing up in the shot or something like that. Anyway, weird. I totally believed it back then.

    And you're right, Watcher in the Woods is ridiculously terrifying. Our teachers made us watch it every year from first grade through sixth, and I still fail to understand how that was the chosen movie for a bunch of elementary school students.

  2. Okay, I found this and watched it twice and now I feel foolish for believing any of the crap about it. It's totally 2 a cardboard cutout or something...right?

  3. Holy crap that still scared me! Now the I know what it is, it's obviously 2-D. Did you read the comments below? Someone had some serious insider info on the film.