Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Proud Parenting Moments....

Man Child: "No go to bed. I watch Earl" (as in My Name Is Earl, a totally appropriate show for a 3 year old). New words he's bound to pick up from tonight's episode: douche bag, butthole, tongue down a stripper's throat, dumb@$$.....

Man Child: "Shut up dad"- earlier today it was "Shut up Fox". If he's going to be disrespectful and inappropriate at least he's sticking to his own gender.

(Note to The King, because you're the one who allows him to watch it: absolutely no more Earl for MC, no matter how nicely he sits through it without saying a word)
TQ: "Bubble wrap is cheap, therapy is expensive. You choose"

Man CHild: "Thank you for Poppa, Gama, Clifford (he omits 'The Big Red Dog', and he's right to; the name is redundant. It's pretty obvious Clifford is big, red, and a dog)". MC's standard meal and evening prayer. Apparently these are the only 3 things he loves.

The King: "We DO NOT pee in a garbage can or any other container including empty soda bottles just because you don't want to stop playing Rock Band."

Loma: "Okay, who plugged mom and dad's toilet AGAIN???"

Fox is conspicuously absent from the list (well, except for one entry in which the culprit was not named but let's just say it wasn't a girl and it wasn't the boy who still wears diapers), mostly because he has spent the last 3 days sick in bed with a stomach bug. The poor kid catches everything.

So that he doesn't feel left out I think I'll mention that he has vomited on the floor twice.

No man is left behind in this house.

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