Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010.....4 Days Late.

I have an issue.

Well, truthfully I have many issues but one that causes constant marital strife is my insistence that certain phrases and/or word combinations never be uttered in my home.

Words like Coca-cola. French fries. Milk shake. Chest of drawers. Chicken breast (it sounds so intentionally perverted. The chicken is dead. Do we really think that it cares what part of its' body was hacked up so we can make dinner.

What does this have to do with welcoming in the New Year? Nothing really, except that every time I turn on the tv or radio and hear the phrase "New Year resolution" I want to stick a red hot poker in my eye.

Needless to say, I'd rather be blistered and blind than participate in that New Year tradition.

Don't get me worng. I think it's great to make goals for yourself. For instance, I really want to be better about blogging regularly again. For Christmas The King had my blog published into a hardbound book. It is the most amazing, most personal gift anyone has ever given me. As I was flipping through it I realised with surprise and joy that unconcsciously I had written a 230 page journal over the past year. Then I was ashamed that the entries in the last 4 months have been so sparse. I owe it to my husband, children, and future grandchildren to keep writing so they know our history. I need to be less concerned about the writing process and just write for the enjoyment of capturing the important and not-so-important events in our life.

But I refuse to "resolve" to be a better blogger. One you commit to "resolving" you are on a path to destruction and self-loathing. New Years resolutions are so cliche because NO ONE KEEPS THEM!!!! Wouldn't it be better to say "I'm happy with my life, but I'd like to ...............". See, no commitment. No firm deadlines. No breakdown when you inevitably give up in a month or realise in June that you can't even remember what you "resolved" to do in January.

So, I love my life. I love my family. I'd like to be a better YW president, a better disciple of Christ, a better mother, wife, sister daughter and friend. I'm sure it won't happen immediately, and that I'll fail a lot. But at least I know that's what I'm working toward.

Hello 2010. It's going to be a great year!

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