Saturday, January 30, 2010

Overhead At...The Church Basketball Game

Title: Now I Can Kiss That Career In The NBA Goodbye

From a 6'5", 230lb neanderthal upon being called for a charge on a 5'5", 120lb defender:

"That's why they call this church ball. Cause the refs don't know what they're doing (stomp, stomp, lots of under the breath cursing)"

Kudos to the wonderful refs, one of which was The King, for holding their ground and not getting upset by the insults. Their only payment for coming out each Saturday morning for 5 hours to be abused by every out of shape, blow hard Kobe Bryant wannabe in our stake is blessings in heaven.

FYI- it was a very obvious charge. Idiot.


  1. i am so laughing right now. i can just imagine.
    i see an eavesdropping pattern emerging. new hobby? just kidding!

  2. Yeah, I was just thinking the other day, how many weird, random things we hear out of context- things that make us wonder "what the crap???" Then it hit me- keep track of them and share the wealth!

  3. that is so funny....and I love the "overheard at..." idea.