Monday, January 11, 2010

To Brighten Your Day:

The King just called me to let me know it's been a world class shizzy, anal cavity of a day.

I'm not a member of the corporate world, but I think I understand days when if one more person comes to you with one more problem your head might just explode.

It just so happens I that I have 2 little ditties that might help brighten the dreary, world-worn day:

1) As seen on my favorite vet's sign- spied on the way to get a half-off Route 44 Diet Coke at Sonic (which I drove an extra 10 minutes to get, and probably spent more in gas than the $1 I saved in Happy Hour):

"I got a dog for my husband. Great trade"

2) The Man Child decided to try out shaving today in the shower while I was getting some clean clothes from the laundry room. He now has 1/2 of a right eye brown and a scab from nicking himself. Fox's eyebrow has just grown back in from his own attempt to save a few months ago, so it's nice that they timed their trysts back-to-back like that.

I'd post a picture of his work, but that would require getting up.

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