Monday, January 4, 2010

And The World Is Right Again

After 2 weeks of mayhem and frivolity, order has once again been restored at La Casa de Loma.

Man Child is perched on his throne (aka mom's bed) watching PBS programming and drinking a nice sippy cup of milk. He's fought and lost the battles to (1) eat chips for breakfast and (2) eat breakfast on said throne. The diaper wipes have been dumped out and random cleaning of the armoire, tv and door handles has ensued.

All is well.

As much as MC loved having his siblings home for Christmas break, I think he was as ready for them to back to school as I was. At only 3 he has realised that when the older sibs are home he becomes the low Man on the totem pole. There are 2 more people to boss him around. Two more people to witness his crimes and then prosecute him in Mom's court. And most importantly, 2 more people to fight with for the remote.

So it's not really surprising that he fell right back into the pre-holiday routine effortlessly. What is shocking is that I kind of missed this morning battle of wills with him. Just now when he tried to smuggle a piece of bread into the bedroom for the third time I almost laughed. Almost.

Holy cow. He just rammed the entire thing in his mouth and is now standing in front of the tv chewing. Either this child is scary smart (as he figured out that I said "no food in the room" rather than "no eating in the room"- an important distinction)or he's just persistent and really loves food.

It's nice to have things back to normal.

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