Thursday, January 7, 2010

Letter To The Food Gods....

Oh food deity, why dost thou tempt me?

I have spurned the flesh of animal.

Turned away from the dairy delights.

No fried food will pass my lips,

nor fermented fruit or barley.

Why, why, then must thou persecute me so?

Of the grains of the field I freely eat,
and enjoy their natural goodness.

But to a grainer and processor they must go,
to be tossed and turned with sweet nectar

to form the nutriment,

the bane of my existence,

the last temptation of a healthy soul,

Cereal .

Reese Puffs, your sinful goodness doth make a strong mind weak,
and a olympian willpower waver.

One bowl, nay. It must be two.

My mind doth protest but my belly cries "More, more, more!"

I confess my weakness, and ask for absolition-
from the calories that sit squarely on my hips

A sinner I am

In penance I will worship at the altar of nutrition.

May I please start tomorrow??????

There's still a cup full left in the box,

and a provident man waste not, want not.


An ashamed, but fully intending on sinning again,

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