Monday, January 11, 2010

Reason #1000 That I Will Never Consider Fox News "News"

This just in from the AP:

"Sarah Palin takes Fox News commentator job".

I have never and probably will never get political on this blog. I am content with my political views and do not feel it necessary to defend them to anyone. So people enjoy this kind of debate; I abhor it. But when I saw this headline I just HAD to post it so that it might go down in history (my own personal history) as the day I said good bye and good riddance to Fox news forever. Glen Beck inspired me to go out and buy the "Fox news" coffin but this slams the lid and seals it shut.

Hold the presses, this headline just came in over the wire:

"Crazed Utah blogger/housewife reveals that you CAN in fact be a good Mormon and completely disagree with Glen Beck".

Hear that silence? It's the world NOT coming to an end :)

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  1. I agree, and I don't get political on blogs, but I almost word for word wanted to post what you just posted. AMEN sister!