Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cella Family Circus

So I really need to know, does anyone else ever feel like this?????

We just got back from the Ward Christmas party, and I'm pretty sure the powers that be are trying to figure out a way to politely "forget" to invite us next year. While the other ward members were enjoying the lovely "stroll through Bethlehem" my little monsters were running in circles, spilling multiple cups of water, loudly proclaiming inappropriate feelings such as "when will this finally be over" and "I should be able to play with my iPod because this is sooooo boring", and the piece de resistance, screaming at the top of their lungs "I want more dog nut balls!!!!!!". Oh, and my teenager used the night to let everyone know how mean her parents are because they ruin her social life (aka make her babysit when people call and ask her) and lecture her for FOUR hours for holding a boy's hand. In other words, the very most appropriate place for her to bring the family's dirty laundry out for airing.

How did we punish such behavior? Well after counting to ten several times, we called for pizza from the parking lot, hit red box for some family friendly movies, and laughed our heads off as we recalled the train wreck that was our evening. Maybe not the best parenting- okay it's not even close to mediocre parenting- but I just couldn't bring myself to chastising. These are my kids, and they are pretty amazing in my eyes. Coming from two borderline insane parents, I'd say they are a freaking miracle. I'd like to think that we'll do things differently and better next time, but it probably won't happen. And I guess I'm okay with that. Welcome to the Cella family circus everyone!!!


  1. Haha Mindi! Just discovered your blog and I am
    LOVING it! I love your family, and I enjoyed being in your group at the ward party! Did you notice my son suddenly deciding to be a break dancer? Yeah, he's pretty much awesome. I guess our baby Jesus was pretty amazing, but I have it on good authority that it was all Mary could do to stand still and not tickle, touch and make ridiculous faces for the entertainment of said baby. I'd much rather hear about your style of punishment than some others. Because really, what are you going to do about it after the fact? And just for the record, your dirty laundry was pretty entertaining to us :) Teenage girls=awesome

  2. Ah Jessica you are way too kind. I'm sad to say that I missed Lucas's dance, but make sure he puts on a repeat performance at the next party. We sure add a little life to the party :) and btw...James and I were amazed at how good the baby was! We even poked each other at almost the same moment to say, "wow if that was one of our kids baby Jesus would be screaming his eyes out". You guys were awesome :)