Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Things Teenagers Post in Facebook That Make Me Want To Stab My Eyes Out

1) Lyrics to Justin Beiber songs.
2) Lyrics to any song.
3) Recaps of their out-of-context conversations that are never funny.
4) Professions of their undying and forever love to their boy/girlfriend of 2 weeks.
5) Professions of total heartbreak when said boy/girlfriend breaks up with them at week 3.
6) Girls calling each other racial slurs, then fighting over who is the bigger "ho" and who is fatter.
7) Group bashing sessions on their sorely underpaid and unappreciated teachers because the teacher had the audacity to call them on their crap, or dared to enforce rules such as not letting them make up an assignment that was turned in 3 weeks late.
8) Boys who call girls "hot" and think that's a compliment.
9) Asinine and degrading "rate me" games.
10) Any game that allows one person to rip and tear apart another under the guise of a "status update".

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