Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Princess Is Home....

Tay had to go to the doctor today, so of course it made no sense to send her to school when I'd just be checking her out 2 hours later, and then it made no sense to get checked in after the appointment and lunch for the last hour and a half of the day :) I am such a pushover(FYI- she just told me that if I were really a pushover we'd be at Kohls right now. I guess I do have boundaries). The truth is, I have no qualms about checking her out or keeping her home occasionally. She is a self-motivated, straight A student who is involved in a lot of activities. She never asks for help with her homework, and I rarely even hear about her assignments or tests unless she's stressed about one and lets me know she's going to be in her room studying. Could you ask for an easier kid? Holy cow, I hope her brothers watch and learn. But from the hour of math I do nightly and the book report we'll spend this entire evening on, I'm pretty sure Noah will need a little more motivation. Zach will probably just go right to extortion and bartering. He's waaaaay too smart (aka. manipulative and crafty) for his own good.


  1. I hope my daughters are like that when they grow up! ;) I like the days when my daughter gets to stay home from school :) (She's in Junior Kindergarten, so I'm not really worried about her missing anything too crucial ;)

  2. Can you help me find one of your old posts? I remember it was a hilarious list of parenting things. The one I remember was something to do with not taking your kids to the library because you can't get books back on time and the fees add up. I've looked and looked, but can't find it. Thanks. BTW... I love your humor. Too funny!