Monday, February 14, 2011

What to Get a 4 Year Old For Valentines....

For Valentine Zach got the greatest gift ipod.

He has envied his sister and brother's ipods for far too long. Since bequeathing him mine on Sunday he was been watching videos nonstop and listening to Glee tunes. There's nothing funnier than listening to a 4 year old trying to sing along to Journey and Aerosmith. Plus as an added bonus he has a cold and is really congested. Stuffy nose + incoherent singing= entertainments for us both for hours.

Post script:

I have to correct myself. The funniest thing EVER is watching/listening to him dance and sing to Flo Rider's "Low, low, low". He keeps saying "he hit the phone" instead of "he hit the floor" :) And the serious gangsta face he's sporting while doing all this is priceless.

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