Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zachie creates a word....

There is no "tomorrow" or "tonight" in Zach's vocabulary. Instead, any indeterminate amount of time in the future is "tolater", as in "mom, can I go to bed tolater?" or "can I save my treat for tolater?".

I think he's started a revolution. I'm going to start using it when my other older children bug me about when something is going to happen or occur. For instance, when they ask when dinner is, I can say "tolater". There's no commitment to a certain time, or even day. It's just some time in the future.

Brilliant me thinks.

See you tolater!


  1. Maggie says the exact same thing. How strange.

  2. he is so funny! That's a good word! (Damon doesn't ever say 'memory' - he says remembory). love it

  3. Maggie and Zach must have shared the same language class in heaven :)

    It's been interesting because the other two kids now want to know what words they made up. All I could tell them was Noah said mazagine (magazine) and noodlecycle (motorcycle), and Taylor insisted on calling my brother Christopher "Wee-too".