Monday, February 28, 2011

Stupid Blogger Comments :(

I've been trying to reply to comments, but the stupid Blogger comment form is wacky of late. It types everything in a .2 font, which you'd need Superman eyes to read. So, in response to the comments made on the last post:

@Heather- I definitely believe in taking advantage of the one on one time when you get it! Enjoy this time with your daughter- it goes by so, so fast. Once they are in school all day it's never the same. The grow and mature and become more independent, but you'll find yourself looking back wistfully to the days where she wants to you to everything with and for her.

@Simmonsfamily: Thank you so much!! I'm glad to know my insanity and sleeplessness induced ramblings are somewhat entertaining :) I had to do some digging to find the post you were talking about, but I think it is the one titles "Can You Tell What Kind of Day I'm Having" (which, incidentally, is a title I could use every single day with different content about what chaos has erupted in my house).

Now I'm off to shout obscenities at Blogger. It's therapeutic works because they never shout back. Try it- you'll thank me.

PS- After typing this I noticed that I spelled Blogger "Blooger" over and over. It seems I fused bloody+booger to make "blooger". Does anyone remember that "scary" story we'd tell each other in elementary school abut the bloody booger monster? No one? Huh, seems you all missed out on a great literary classic.

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