Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How We Roll......

Rather than write about just how much our family loves football, I thought I'd post our game pictures from the '10 season. We've had University of Utah season tickets for 10 years now, and it's so much fun sitting my my brother and his kids, my dad, and my sisters. We've also taken up tailgating which is a blast! We can't wait for the '11 season- we're Pac 12 now baby!!

This last fall was also Noah's first playing football. It was a huge time commitment, but totally worth it. Noah learned so much and did so well on the offense and defense lines. I was surprised to see how tall he is compared to the other boys his age. He loved hanging out with all his pals on the team, and (as an added bonus for all the ladies) he got pretty buff- unlike his normal stick thin physique :)

Noah at the Halloween Carnival

Not a lot of love for that "other" Utah team :)

Tay and Noah

My Favorite picture of all time!

Tay sitting in the endzone after a win!

Tay and her cousin/BFF Sydnee

Storming the field after the BYU win!

Tay and James at the Utah/BYU game

Noah's '10 Syracuse Storm poster

Post game exhaustion
Cheering on his cousin Jackson's team

Noah and his awesome grandpa (who was a U of U football player! See, it's in the genes!!)

Noah and his wonderful grandma (isn't my momma lovely?)

My studly guy

Loma, Tay and Noah

Loma and James at the away game in Wyoming

With the other U fans at the Wyoming game

Loma with Zach at a rare game he attended (he's not quite ready for 3 hours of football)

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