Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photo Vomit.....

I thought you might enjoy (okay, tolerate) these random photos I just downloaded from my itouch. There is no rhyme or reason- most I can't even remember taking. Oh well, posterity won't care how they got here anyway, just that they can mock us for what we wore.

I'm getting old.

Zach and Dad hit the Jazz Game:

Dad was impressed the Zach lasted the first half sitting upright. After that, it was "whatever keeps him happy".

Cute one of Dad. I'm not sure what Zach was going for.


Best Friends :)

Zach and his other BFF, "his" Oakey Dokey

Tay at her fall guitar concert.

The next cast of Teen Mom
(notice how dejected my niece Sydnee looks? She really feels the weight of her choice)

Hmmm, we need to work on facial expressions and posing.

That's my cutie boy...

Smexy boy in a smexy outfit.

When he saw this picture, Zach said "Mom look at my muscles!"

Football shirt+plaid shorts+your sister's boots=AWESOME!!!!

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  1. These pictures are so cute and funny! You still need to send me the preger ones for the scrapbook!!!