Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Evidence.....

Noah's apology note for making me so mad yesterday that I wanted to run away from home.

Urban Dictionary: douche hole
A person who is equal parts douchebag and asshole. Usually reserved for the males species but not always.

*Just so you're aware, and so I don't get Child Welfare Services calling, I did not call Noah a "dush hole". I thought it was a creation of his own until I googled it.

To be fair, Zach owed me a longer and more profusely apologetic letter, but he wasn't feeling inspired or humbled enough yet. Instead, he decided to stick the marker in his bum and then use it to draw all over the carpet.

Update: Zach just decided to start round 2 of the argument from yesterday that got him and his brother in the hot seat. It involves one 80's classic movie that has a surprising amount of swearing for a PG rating (okay, it's Short Circuit), and my banning of said movie from the house. The boys took up the "relative" righteousness of their cause for a solid hour after school (ie. they've hear much worse swear words walking down the hall of school, and at grandma's house) but I would not relent. Zach tried one last plea this morning. With a straight face, he declared "mom, I can watch it. I won't say little b#$%&". I didn't have to say a word to prove my point. Game over.


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  1. hehehehe. Oh, kids keep us on our toes. Random note: Short Circuit is PG because the PG 13 rating wasn't out yet. If that movie were rated today I'm sure it would be PG 13...