Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am having a Girl Day.

You know what I mean gals. Those days where you can point out every flaw- real or imagined- on every square inch of your body.

The only person who hates it more than me when I get in this frame of mind is The King. He has a super sense for PMS induced low self-esteem and knows to stay very, very far away from saying anything that could be even remotely considered a criticism.

My mom always told me that when you get in this frame of mind you have to think of at least one good thing about yourself to balance out all the negative mojo surrounding you (okay, she'd call it karma or energy or something much more sophisticated, but it all means the same).

Looking back though, I can't remember what I had to complain about as a teen, at least physically, premarriage and 3 children ago (oh, and lets not forget one nasty C-Section).

So I'm going to attempt to throw some positive energy back in the cosmos by saying that one thing I like about myself is my eyes. They are unique because they are a true green- not the fake green you get from colored contacts but the color of really deep grass or evergreens. Thank you, my hot tempered Scottish ancestors, for this trait. A few years ago I learned how to sculpt eyebrows and having mastered the art my greens are framed by some pretty kickin' brows now.

Hey- I do feel a little bit better. If I can shy away from any mirrors or reflective surfaces for the rest of the day it might just end on a positive note.

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  1. you are absolutely gorgeous! yes, beautiful eyes...but my whole life I have always thought how pretty you are!