Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Clearly Becoming an Obsession......

Tonight I am going to see Star Trek......AGAIN!!!

Do you know how rare it is fro me to see a movie twice, not to mention within a week from each other???

Yes it is that good.

Obvious eye candy aside (Chris Pine, Zack Quinto, and that really hot New Zealander from the Lord of the Rings who plays McCoy and Cupid on Zeena Warrior Princess-don't ask how I know this), the plot is great, the special effects are unbelievable, the acting is superb- it's just not the boring, flaccid Star Trek of yester years.

Real hard core Treekies hate the movie. But I ask, would you rather the franchise dwindle into obscurity? That it becomes just a faint memory? A 20Th Century film class topic? Sometimes you have to reinvent yourself to become relevant again.

Britney did it. Marie Osmond tries to do it every day on Entertainment Tonight.

And just think- you've always been the loser in the battle of coolness with the Star Wars fans. Now you have a reason to stand proud and come out of the darkest corners of Comic Con.

Tonight when you go to bed you should say a prayer of thanks that Hayden Christenson wasn't your headliner.

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  1. I love this movie too and am hoping for some sequels. I loved watching Star Trek The Next Generation when I was a kid.
    I'm loving that Zack Quinto in this and Heroes.