Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Down, 8 to Go....

The King and I saw "Wolverine" today.

What a disappointment.....and a waste of $11 (well, plus $50 for the California Pizza Kitchen lunch- the avocado egg rolls are fantastic). Do you know how many Diet Cokes I could have bought with that????? Enough to get through even the most heinous week with all three kids on their worst behavior and The King out of town, that's how many.

The only bright spot in the 2 excruciating hours of non-existent plot and dismal dialogue was the briefest of shots of Hugh Jackman's bright white but very tight posterior. No one on earth could look hotter coming out of an animantium induced flat line.

Man, I hope he didn't use a butt double.

1 comment:

  1. i liked it ok but i watched it for free online over a week ago. when it ended i felt like it was just getting started though. i hope star trek is good. i will be seeing it next weekend at the theater.