Thursday, May 14, 2009

If You Have a Free Moment...

If you have a moment and want to reminisce over the dramas of 6th grade friendships and romance, head over to the Tween Queen's blog. She's officially changed the title to "Life of a 12 Year Old Drama Queen"- is it just me or was that the LONGEST countdown to a birthday ever??? (I realize that realistically it could not have been longer than 364 days, but it seemed like double that).

The 6th graders are learning to dance in preparation for their first, and last, dance. TQ is seriously stressed because she has, unfortunately, inherited her mother's genetics for Amazonianism (definition: a female with freakishly and unnatural long limbs that makes her tower over the male populace, thus making her very undesirable and unappealing to underdeveloped, 12 year old prepubescent males). The girls and boys are being paired for "dance class" by height, and at 5'4" the only boys taller than her are, well, to put it as nicely as possible, different.

TQ is hoping that by wearing the flattest of flat shoes the height pool will open a little to admit at least 2 or 3 "desirables", and perhaps, if she's really lucky, and he wears shoes with lifts and spikes his hair, her crush.

If she flat irons her hair till it smokes and singes she might be able to take another half inch off.

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