Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ah, The Fruits of Brotherly Love

Fox has completely worn out all the usual punishments. He's grounded from the wii, his DS, computer time, and last night we canceled the cable.

Yes, he's been that naughty lately.

He's not alone in his deviant behavior. The Man CHild is ususally his accomplice and/or intended victim in most of the crimes. Unfortunately, the Man Child is not motivated by the loss of toys or priviledges. The only way to punish him is to force him to sit still for 30 seconds at a time, but it's not worth the beating he doles out when trying to hold him still. Even Fox's punishments are ineffective. If I took all his toys away he'd still find a paper clip and turn it into a battleship or robot.

Short of removing every toy and piece of furnuture from their room except for their beds, and then locking them inside, I have no way to control the terrible twosome. More often than not they are allies in their war against parental control. It's a little sick, but I almost hope for them to get into it with each other so that I can divide and conquere. This morning Fox took a swipe at the MC, who immediately ran to me for comfort, then walked back to his brother and without any hesitation whacked him in the stomach.

Wow. At least when I was a kid I had the presence of mind to hit my siblings when no adult was around.

True, he was only giving retribution for his own attack, but the whole episode left me feeling like I am fighting a loosing battle with those two. Yes, when they fight they fight hard and ugly. But they also have a lot of fun together and live in their own little "guy" world most of the time. Man Child constantly asks where Fox is when he's not within eye sight, and although Fox is still a less-than-impressive babysitter, he actually plays with his brother when they are together (unlike his sister the TQ who sits on the couch and reads while "babysitting"- but at least MC doesn't get out of the yard under her watch).

Got to go- it's dead silent in the house and that is never a good thing.

2 days until I run away..


  1. gotta love summer boredom. my kids are arguing a lot. i hate it. time for school to start right?

  2. Yes- how many stinking weeks do we have left?????