Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Did You Talk About On Your Way To Harry Potter??

I've gotten used to the fact that I never know what Fox is going to say at any given moment. Will it be a completely random thought? Will it be teasing? Will it make my heart break?

More often than not, it's something mildly inappropriate. But therein lies his comedic genius.

On Thursday night Fox and I had a mommy/son date to see Harry Potter 6. I love one on one time with Fox. He doesn't have an older sister around to censor him, or a baby brother to steal away all the attention. When Fox is sibling-less he comes alive, and Doesn't Stop Talking!

We had a twenty minute drive to the theater in Ogden (the local theaters don't have reserved seating, and I've become so spoiled that I refuse to wait in line for an hour to see a movie. I think Fox covered about 2 dozen different topics during the time, but here is a list of the highlights. You'll notice most are in question form- He gave me about 20 seconds to give an answer- and I'm now convinced this kid's mind never takes a break from analyzing the world around him.

*Who invented mirrors?

*Is there a place called Swissland? Do they eat cheese there?

*Why can't humans be cold blooded?

*Can humans read minds, or do you have to be a vampire like Edward Cullen? (To this question I had begin by reminding him that vampires aren't real).

*How does God know everything?

*So is God a mutant? (Yes, he's been watching X-Men a lot this summer)

*Can robots lay eggs?

*What would happen if every time someone said "ba-caw", they laid an egg? Would they have to have a hole in their underwear for the egg to come out?

*Do bugs have butts?

*Why do orangutans have red butts?

*Do animals fart?

*What is natural gas used for?

*(follow up question that was inspired by my answer to the above question): You mean we heat our house and water with FARTS?????

*So are burps just farts that come out of our mouths?

At this point I had to tell him that the farting questions were done, to which he responded "That's okay mom. We can talk about boogers, poop, pee, stinky armpits.... So what are boogers made of? Why are they green? Can they really form worms in your stomach?"

Just in the nick of time I pulled into the parking lot and thus didn't have the time to give the science of booger formation its due diligence. It also helped that once inside the theater his mind switched to trying to find ways to convince me to let him have extra butter on his popcorn.

Thankfully, it was 10:00 PM when the movie got out, and Fox was too tired from a long day and popcorn overdose to remember that we hadn't finished our earlier conversation.

But there will always be next time............


  1. funny! sounds so familiar. my kids used to say "my bottom burped" when they farted. This was before they knew that word.

  2. wow! what an inquisitive guy! i love all the questions!