Thursday, February 19, 2009

From the mouth of babes....

My mom has been checking her email hourly for the last week in hope of an email from my little brother in the MTC. Before the last seven days, she has not checked it regularly in months which is really a tragedy as she has a super cool friend named Lyn who sends her the funniest and most inappropriate stories ever! I love digging through my mom's emails to find gems, but the best has to be the one she found this morning after finally reading the hundreds of emails she accrued during her technology hiatus. It's a post from a friend of a friend's blog, as I swear it should be submitted to the Church as scripture, or at least a footnote to the Word of Wisdom:

"So, Tanner continues to crack me up on just about a daily basis! Korby and Shayden were both out of town this past weekend, so it was just me, Tanner and Jackson hanging out. Well, one thing that I did to help get me through the weekend was buy some diet Coke (which I honestly don't drink very often). So, on Sunday as the boys were eating lunch before going to church I poured a large glass of it (to get me through the next three hours)! Jackson started asking for some and I had to explain to him that it was a drink for grown ups and not for kids. This is how the rest of the conversation went:

Tanner: Well, I've tried diet Coke before mom.

Me: That's okay Tanner. Kids just shouldn't drink it very much.

T: Well..... actually...... when I was up in heaven that is what Heavenly Father and Jesus like to drink.

Me: Oh really?!

T: Yea, that is their favorite drink. When it is snack time in heaven that is what Heavenly Father and Jesus drink and that's what they give the kids to drink too. "

I KNEW the Church was true!

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