Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taking a Cue from Shakespeare.

As our Valentines Day celebration was consumed by church basketball and tile destruction, I thought I'd try to make up for the lackluster holiday by proclaiming my love for my honey in a very public (albeit extremely personal)way.

I give you the top 10 things I love about The King:

#1: I love the way you always say yes to me when I ask you for something, and not in a way that screams "I have to say yes because I'm scared of you", but because you genuinely want to make me happy all the time. I'm sorry that I ask so much from you, but my favorite times with you are when we are immersed in one of our projects.

#2: I love that you are unfailingly generous and compassionate. I remember the countless times you have given charity or service to others. You act when no one is looking, and never draw attention to yourself or look for praise. People have no idea just how much good you do.

#3: I love that we only find "our" shows funny when we watch them together. I love that we have mostly the same sense of humor (except I will NEVER find Adam Sandler or really any SNL alumni funny. Except for Tina Fey) When you are out of town I have absolutely nothing to watch but GH and Entertainment Tonight. Oh, and the death shows that you won't watch with me because they give you nightmares.

#4: I love that you are infinitely more intelligent and wise than I am. I love that you are successful at everything you do. I love to watch you work, but I hate the stress that you are constantly under because you expect perfection from yourself. Thank you for being such a great provider for our family.

#5: I love that you are sentimental and vulnerable. I love it that you can cry. Men who don't cry aren't tough- they're emotionally disabled.

#6: I love that you've taught me that it's okay to say "I'm sorry", even when I don't think I'm at fault. You say it so easily. You are so forgiving, it's almost maddening. I love it that you've never once blamed me for coming from a genetic cesspool and that our son will be blind. I didn't say it very often in our first few years together, and though I've grown up a lot since then I still need to say it more, but know that I am sorry when I hurt or disappoint you.

#7: I love that we can't stay mad at each other for more than a few hours. It's hard to stay mad at the person who vacillates between making me laugh so hard I cry and making me feel so bad for hurting such a sweet, guileless soul. Thank you for teaching me that the silent treatment is not the way to "make things better".

#8 I love the way that we talk about EVERYTHING- from the daily minutia and work to politics to religion. I love that you pretend to listen to me when I need to vent about my day, and that you talk to me about your work and ask my opinion even though we both know that I have no idea what you are talking about.

#9 I love the way you respect me as a woman and your equal in everything. I love that I know you will never make a decision for our family without consulting me first. I love that it was just as important to you that I get my degree as it was for me, and that you sacrificed to make that happen. I still miss those days living in the U student housing, sitting side by side doing homework while our first born raised herself.

#10 I love that you Get me. You accept all my weirdness and love me in spite of and sometimes because of it. I love that of all the billions of people that walk the earth, you and I recognized each other as two parts of the same soul. When you are gone it's like half of me is missing. I love that after 14 years together, very little about you surprises me. I love that you always say "You don't know me" when in fact I've just proven I just how completely I DO know you. You are my very best friend.

and as a bonus, #11: I love that you've given me three wonderful, creative and lovable children who look exactly like you. I know that I complain about how aggressive your DNA is, but the truth is I wouldn't have them look any different. They are beautiful inside and out, just like you.

Heart you forever.