Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sesame Street is so blase......

Can an adult loose brain cells from watching too much toddler-appropriate tv? What does i say about me that I'm actually starting to look forward to certain shows every day? Is it worse that this is all PBS programming, as we took away they cable years ago after witnessing "the fox" watch hours on end in a mindless stupor?

PBS took a page from Disney and Nick and either bribed or guilted the Jim Henson studios into creating a pixar-esque show called Sid the Science Kid. It's a fantastic fusion of elementary school science and techno/R&B/hip-hop musical numbers. There's a head banging rocker character who is out of control and can't follow instructions like "sit down"; a mini cheerleader who is friendly with everyone now but you know as a teen will probably be queen of the plastics a la "Mean Girls"; a wierd emo/life is painer/androgenous named May who prefers dark colors and whose whiney speech pulls me into a sleepy stupor; and Sid, the cutest CG character EVER who runs like he's been riding his pony all long or desperately needs a diaper changing. He has awesome purple dreadlocks and walks around with a fake microphone in his back pocket.

The man child and I live for Sid the Science Kid. We sing the catchy songs to each other ( well, I sing and he moves back and forth in what approximates a dancing action). I can't wait for the day when he sings to me from the backseat of the car " I love my mom, uh hugh, my mom is cool, uh hugh, and now it's time for going off to school" (There are 2 great things about that song, first that he'll acknowledge just how cool I really am, and second that he's FINALLY off to school. Three years and counting.....). For now I'll just make due with our song and dance duet.

Gtg- "Word World's" on next. Don't even get me started on animals whose bodies are made up of the alphabet.

(PS- I said I wouldn't start on it, but if you do happen to watch Word World, have you noticed that the voice of the sheep is the same voice as Baby Bop on Barney? Yeah, I need a life- at least I acknowledge it.......3 more years.....)

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