Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A clarification, and the war against sleep.

I should probably clarify that the previous entry was written LAST Thursday, the 15th, but I haven't had a chance to post it until today. Yes, it's been that great of a week.

War has been declared in our house.

The man child has a "big boy bed" now that he refuses to sleep in. The crib went to the great crib heaven in the sky last Friday after his second day of violent protest against naps (no DCFS intervention needed- I was not the one being violent, he was violent with the crib and the new bed and the doors). His new sleeping arrangement of choice? Right behind his door with a blanket and pillow. We put him in bed every night, read to him, say prayers, but the minute we leave he dismantles the bed and camps out by the door.

It's been SEVEN days.

You've kind of got to admire his dedication. But know this- HE WILL NOT WIN!

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  1. My two most hated aspects of motherhood--potty training and trying to keep a kid in his bed. That went on for years...obviously James doesn't remember how many times he and his brothers tormented me by getting out of bed and watching Cheers from the hallway.