Friday, January 9, 2009

"So much for mothers"

That's what the drama queen just said to me. It was followed by "Why aren't you paying attention to me?" Really, how much attention does one child need? I acknowledge her presence (well, she kind of demands it by invading my personal space) and REALLY try to listen when she talks non-stop for 10 minutes at a time.

"You're mean"

Am I?? My daughter lives and dies by sarcasm, and yet she can't appreciate it in others. One of the only qualities she inherited from me (for those of you who know her, she is a mini Cella clone physically) is a love affair with books. She's more well read than most adults I know. She gets irony, she uses irony, but unfortunately doesn't like it used on her. She inherited that gem from her father, the king of teasing. Haime (aka. James) can dish out the jabs like no one's business, but shrinks into the fetal position any time anyone dares to make a joke about him. A more mature person than I would shy away from inciting such wrath from this dramatic father/daughter duo, but what can I say? I never claimed to be a saint.

Oh, and a final word.....

"It's not fair"

Honey, who ever said life was fair?


  1. when i said, "your not paying attention too me, i meant your not listening to me. i was trying to tell you something, and all you could do was embarress me on this blog!

  2. you are so funny Mindi...I love it.

  3. This is so funny! I thought you said you were too lazy to blog? Most memorable and profound words my mother ever told me: LIFE IS NOT FAIR!

  4. Oh this is good. I think I can say these are the fun years. Mother - Daughter Drama. Only one daughter and so little time. One of my many memorable moments with my daughter--store dressing room. Low riders down to the butt crack (yes, I said it). And me trying to hold my tongue, but anticipating an in-store confrontation. We avoided it but I did get "the look", when I shook my head, which always was special. You Go Girls.