Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is blogging on Sunday the same as journaling?

I hope so, because today was a momentous day in our world, one of those days that deserves to be catalogued amongst the greatest days of all time- like the birth of Jane Austen or the Utes winning the Sugar Bowl-and second only to the creation of my beloved beverage of choice.

Today the man child went to nursery by himself.

Totawy Awone (I can't remember what movie that comes from. Crap! My mom might have also said it this way back when she couldn't pronounce w's and r's)

This alone is a feat that rivals the U's BCS busting season, but it is made greater by the fact that he hasn't actually been to nursery in a month. No, we aren't raising him a different religion from the rest of us. There was just a lovely outbreak of hand/foot/mouth disease in the 9th Ward that I luckily heard about in Ward Council since it wasn't actually announced to the rest of the ward. Oops! Needless to say, everyone in attendance at the meeting with 2-3 year olds inexplicably removed their kids from church.

If going in by himself wasn't a big enough accomplishment, when the Drama Quees went in to pick him up he refused to leave! Okay, it might have had something to do with the magical bubble machine but I'm just going to attribute it to the fact that he was really feeling the spirit today. Maybe we'll have to add "church" to his 10 word vocabulary which for now consists of "tank too" (thank you), "peese" (please, used to ask for anything-it could be "get me a drink" or "fast forward this stupid commercial" or even "go away, you are bugging me"), cak (a fusion of truck and car, and yes it is pronounced just like the dirty word it looks like. Today in sacrament meeting he was looking at his "cak" book and pointing out every "cak" in a very loud voice), "mine" (that one he says loud and clear), "no", "up" (which also means down. That's not confusing at all, is it?), "T" (tv), "eat"(again, one he says loud and clear. Do you see a pattern here?), "book" (he is MY child, after all) and "wud too", or Love you, which is my favorite and like music to my ears after a day of translating the thousands of incomprehensible words that fill the rest of his language.

Oh well, at least HE knows what he's saying.


(Post note, as typing this I watched the Giant's "Big Fred Robbins" make an interception that most men could have returned for a touchdown, except that "Big Fred" weighs about 400 pounds and could only run for 20 feet before falling over himself. You've gotta love football. Like baseball, they are the only sports where morbidly obese men can succeed as professional athletes.)


  1. It is driving me nuts...what is "Totawy Awone" from? I can hear the character in my head but can't place it. The Princess Bride????

  2. I know! I can even see the scene in my head. It goes something like "and we'd be alone..... and someone else replies totawy awone"- I was thinking Princess Bride too but I googled it and nothing came up. At least I'm not crazy if you remember it too!

  3. It's from Moulin Rouge. And yes your welcome for figuring it out :)