Friday, January 9, 2009

Our maiden voyage (or some other literary allusion like that)

Why to blog now? Perhaps I should have held out as I did with the movie Titanic (the stupid 3 hour one with a pre-anorexic Kate Winslet and seriously overrated Leo what's-his-name- wait Decrapio) and refused to join the blogging mania that has taken over my female-and some male-relatives and friends. However, after a particularly draining battle with my pre-pubescent 11-year old (she says"preteen" and wonder's why I can't be like "normal" moms- whatever they are) in which there were tears, whineing, pouting and general adolescent behavior over not going to a friend's house at 8:00 on a Friday night when her dad was on his way home from a week long trip to Baltimore, I decided that we needed something to repair the relationship. (Note- she is still mad at me and claims this WON"T repair anything, but taking her shopping WILL) Making fun of blogs by creating our own seemed like a good idea. Is it too commercial to dedicate a blog to the most wonderful beverage in my life (I wanted to say "thing in my life", but that would PROBABLy offend my spouse and progeny so I'll pretend it's not and just say beverage. But really, it is). I am pretty sure that if they were to test the composition of the fluids in my body they'd find I am 95% carmel carbonated water and aspertaine. And yes, I do not jest. My dream in life is to be hooked up to a Diet Coke IV, and when I die I want them to embalm me like an eqyptain with Diet Coke. Fantasy or reality? It could happen.

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