Thursday, January 22, 2009

Haters not wanted

It just occured to me that I should probably explain this blog's unique and probably extremely sacrilegious name and title. There are actually a lot of Diet Coke haters/communists out there in the cyber space who have united to spread the word to the world that Diet Coke drinkers are basically consuming the same ingredients as embalming fluids.

To them I say :

#1: Exactly how bored are you, and what trauma in your life caused you to take out your anger on a perfectly innocent beverage that unites and brings happiness to non-medicated and non-alcohol consuming housewives all over the world???


#2: Really? Some day I'll be marinating in the simplest chemical form of Diet Coke while taking a dirt nap? SWEET!!!!!

Got to run- I need to start researching refrigerated coffins. I like my drinks chilled.


  1. Oh--I love you girlfriend! Don't nobody mess with my diet coke!

  2. Seriously. If the worst thing we consume is diet coke then I think we're doin just dandy! Pathetic, I know, that I look forward to my morning drink with such excitement, but it starts my day off right. Makes me feel down right happy as I gulp deeply and feel the tingly bubbles fizzle down my throat. And as I finish swallowing what may be one of the best drinks ever conceived, I am ready to start my day of war with 4 little trolls!